Saturday, May 28

The art of Cosplay

                                                   (Lightning Final Fantasy XIII)

The art of Cosplay

Cosplay is the art of transforming into a character wearing makeup, clothing and other technical interpretation required by the alter ego of the character he's playing, sometimes made by own cosplayers or on occasion made by others who are called cosmakers.

Cosplay began with the creation of fictional characters, and today caters to all branches. Are ordinary people who a few times per year (or as I a mizera once in any year any) who dress their favorite characters (pre-existing or not).

Friday, April 29

Download project diva PC Vocaloid Forever

Hello lovers of the land of the rising sun ... release today download project diva F, this right and a bit old this ... but many Otaku fans of diva Hatsune Miku.

Sunday, August 9

Teke teke teke

Teke teke teke is the sound that this creature makes when moving your elbows. This legend about a young woman who was once a good girl at some point in life that had a somewhat tragic ending, when walking through a train station, had his body cut in half after fall (or jumped, depends on the version) on the rails of Metro Say that because she died without receiving help After a long time suffering and dying, his spirit has returned with a vengeance, and since then,