Sunday, August 9

Teke teke teke

Teke teke teke is the sound that this creature makes when moving your elbows. This legend about a young woman who was once a good girl at some point in life that had a somewhat tragic ending, when walking through a train station, had his body cut in half after fall (or jumped, depends on the version) on the rails of Metro Say that because she died without receiving help After a long time suffering and dying, his spirit has returned with a vengeance, and since then,
panicking at all in Japan.  Despite the lack of legs, she moves very quickly by dragging your torso, and with a scythe in one hand doing a "teke teke" (which gave rise to its name, as you can see), she gets out there, always looking for the next victim.  and if you have the misfortune to get caught for it, will be cut in half also.

Well, read this story. It is said that in fact, a kid who was coming back from his school during the night, he heard a noise that made him look back, spotting a beautiful girl in a window, with the arms supported on the ledge of her looking and looking at it. Although beautiful, what intrigued by the boy, was the fact that she's in a place where they studied only boys, and not being content in just look, just ask him why she was there, in that moment, she realized that the boy looked at her, then him back with a smile, and so exchanging glances briefly she embraced with his hands finding his elbows, and jumped out the window quickly, showing to the poor boy, the most frightening image that he'd see in life.

She had only the top half of his body, and to get around, used their elbows (or your hands, no one knows for sure) and making the sound of "tek tek", which seemed to terrify even more (some say enough to hypnotize) despite its image already scary enough.

Stunned by the sound of the boy remained static, paralyzed, tried to run, but I just couldn't move. And for this reason she quickly caught up, jumped it was impossible to describe, and attacked him with his Scythe, cutting it in half, reproducing thus the scene of his death

In some stories people claim to have seen such a girl, but escaped before she could do anything, others say they have never seen it, but firmly believe in his existence.)

I noticed that many of the legends make reference to this, as one of the most feared. She is named "Teke Teke", and despite the name nothing impressive, they say scare a lot of people to this day.

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