Friday, April 29

Download project diva PC Vocaloid Forever

Hello lovers of the land of the rising sun ... release today download project diva F, this right and a bit old this ... but many Otaku fans of diva Hatsune Miku.

  First teach how lowering (but master kishimo I know how to download things from internet.) hihi I know but it's just usual to then teach how to install.

Project Diva 2.1 PC Download:
 press a miku kawaii

Once you've done that, follow the instructions

1. unzip the file.
2. Open the gamemaster, copy and paste the project diva folder wherever you want.
3. inside the folder project diva you'll find an icon with a picture of Miku.
4. Double-click to run the program.

When you open the game just follow these steps:

Game commands:

Enter = confirm 
Esc = go back 
Arrow up = up 
Arrow left = left arrow 
right arrow = right arrow 
Arrow down = down arrow 
A =  Square
S = X
D = circle
W = triangle

just press the button at the right time


Settings menu (third option from the home menu).

 The second option is to reset the controls.

The third option is to image resolution.

The fourth is the volume.

And the fifth is default setting.


Download songs to play some of the images above are the adaptation of the PS3 version for the PC, this set comes with a few songs, to add other is quite simple. You just need to download the new songs from the link at the bottom of the post, you will find the list of all of them, will have to download one by one, then unzip the song drag into the song, inside the folder of the projet diva.

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