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The art of Cosplay

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The art of Cosplay

Cosplay is the art of transforming into a character wearing makeup, clothing and other technical interpretation required by the alter ego of the character he's playing, sometimes made by own cosplayers or on occasion made by others who are called cosmakers.

Cosplay began with the creation of fictional characters, and today caters to all branches. Are ordinary people who a few times per year (or as I a mizera once in any year any) who dress their favorite characters (pre-existing or not).
Cosplayers are entertainers who can make use of his art to cosplay hobby or profession, but, above all, cosplayers are complete artists of contemporary society.

Cosplay (コスプレ, Kosupure) is a kind of short for "costume play". That is, the cosplayer is characterized as a character from a book, manga, game or movie you want to honor; represents the personality of this; and in some events can even compete with other cosplayers in contests, although the great cheap and fun are the exhibition and the social contact generated within the environment. (haha. nerds with social contact. [just for the record I'm a nerd, geek and otaku don't take it as an insult, for shen long])

The art of cosplay and made by young people, adults and even older people (because I've seen a divine cosplay of drawing Mouriel courage the cowardly dog)


Well according to Wikipedia in 1939 during the first Worldcon, Forrest j. Ackerman in the company of Myrtle R used for the first time a fantasy during an event. He created the so-called "futurecostume", as she created a version of the dress of the 1936 film "Things to Come", coming up so the first world cosplay, or maybe the universe (laughs)

Since then, it has become a practice in the annual Worldcon, with contests and attractions of their own, and later extending to fans of fantasy and comic books. The first manga/anime cosplay registered are 70 years later, in the United States.

Ironically the cosplay phenomenon with characters from animes and mangas arrived in Japan in the 80 through Nobuyuki Takahashi, who was surprised with the custom when visiting a Wordcon, which began to encourage the practice in Japan for science fiction magazines.


Became common in Japan during the Comic Markets that are held in Odaiba (Tokyo), places of purchase and sale of Dōjinshi. This event has continued since then and is carried out regularly, it, Japanese groups dressed in their favorite characters from manga, anime, comics and video games. Thus, this practice has always been closely related to those products. However, over time, extending to other areas, in concepts and cultures, gaining international forum leaving even some famous cosplayers

With the popularity of anime in the years 90, the Japanese cosplay has become popular all over the world, in the case of characterizations of existing characters, while the first cosplay (Americans) extended mainly to the creation of characters, not only holding the preexisting.


Over time it became something common spreading through all kinds of fairs and conventions of anime, the series or characters involved, not only of Star Trek and Star Wars as the nerds of the first events of comics, in some contests are approached the cosplay itself and also the interpretation of scenes from the films or episodes (depending on the type of event there this type of interpretation already some that don't and exploited)

Is an activity which can participate and have fun kids, teenagers and adults of all ages, sex and social status. Us spending cosplays are varied and can be made from materials that are in your closets, adaptations of costumes and the complete manufacturing of clothing and accessories, with the expense of  $ 0 to more than 5,000 .00 

A hobby for many and strange but for us and like any other, but with the singularity of allow the participant to become your favorite character for one day helping in the self-esteem of many (I speak this by own experience)

Currently the market for cosplayers has attracted companies from all over the world. Many of them are creating contacts and other elements to be used, making the character closest to the real. The prices are still high, but the trend is that become popular (shen long help us for this)

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