Saturday, August 8


Is a fictional character in the Japanese horror folklore. The image is of a very beautiful woman, with the region of the mouth covered by a mask. Is tall, long black hair and a long coat, usually armed with a pair of scissors.

The mask hides a large cut that increases the size of the mouth, going almost from ear to ear. Some versions claim that she has many sharp teeth. If you go somewhere late at night alone, she can come from any corner on the street. There's no escape because she can teleport and stay in front of you, according to the legend, Kushisake Onna will ask: "Watashi kirei?"  "I'm beautiful?" and if you say no, she cuts his head off with a giant pair of scissors. If the answer is "Yes", the Lady takes off her mask, revealing his mouth slashed ear to ear and returns the question "now what?". If the answer is negative, you will be cut in half, in the event of a positive answer, she cut her mouth like hers.

This urban legend has gained more popularity recently, anyway, there are several explanations as to its origin. Some say that the terrible cut on the mouth is the result of a botched plastic surgery; others claim it is a sister who envied the beauty of another. In Japanese pronunciation, "kirei" (beautiful) and "kire" (imperative of cut) produce sounds similar.)

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