Friday, August 7

Kiyotaki Tunnel

The tunnel was built in 1927, according to the legend the labor used in the construction was a slave, soon we can imagine working conditions that the workers were subjected. In Japan the slavery was officially abolished in the 16th century, but there was a way to circumvent the current regulations:
slavery contract. In this case the slave had a contract of employment, but not receiving salary or received, but you should give your salary to your employer, so this buy the supplies needed, soon the employer superfaturava the values of supplies.

Has 444 meters extension (with the number 4 is considered unlucky for the Japanese as the 13 is for us). It is said that ghosts can be seen inside the tunnel at night and you can even get in the cars and scare who is in them, leading to accidents. There is a mirror on the inside and, if you look at it and see a ghost, you will die horribly. According to the legend about the tunnel, the ghosts of these workers remain trapped at the scene, making this one of the most haunted places of Japan.

There are many reports of sightings of ghosts within the tunnel, especially at night. According to people who saw any supernatural activity while crossing the mysterious tunnel, the ghosts come to chasing cars, trying to divert the attention of drivers, and thus facilitating the occurrence of accidents.

Another curiosity about the extent of the mysterious tunnel is that, according to the stories, its size can vary. That's right, if you measure the tunnel in the morning and at night he will present different sizes.

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