Friday, July 31

Aka mantle

The meaning is carpet or red robe is a Japanese urban legend about a ghost that haunts school and public toilets. . It will show up when you sit on the toilet and toilet paper. The spirit will ask "do you want a red or blue paper?"
If you choose red, until your clothes stay red-stained, you will be cut into pieces, if the option is blue, you will be strangled until blue in the face.

Any attempt to get rid of Aka Mantle answering another color will take you into the underworld. The only correct answer is say you don't want to paper, then he will leave you alone. There is an alternate version to that legend. Her the spirit asks you if you want a cover page, instead of paper. If you ask the Red cover your skin will be torn out to you be all red like I had with a red cover. If you order the blue all the blood in your body will be drained to make you blue

The story goes that a man and a woman the police were called at a school after a student reported having heard a male voice in the ladies ' room. The woman COP went to the bathroom while his partner was waiting outside. In a bathroom a voice asked, "Let's put the Red Cape?" The policeman outside heard the answer "Yes". Soon after a scream and a thud strong. He went into the bathroom and found the officer decapitated, and his whole body blood red as if you were wearing a Cape

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