Friday, July 24

Unreal Engine 4 releases video of Pokémon completely in 3D

Unreal Engine 4 releases video of Pokémon completely in 3D

We know that a lot of time at the Pokémon franchise fans expect a game series that can explore a world completely 3D and bring realistic graphics, the dream didn't come true as many wanted. Even with the arrival of the great titles for the 3DS-Pokémon and Pokémon X Y however, the video below should kill the curiosity of those who imagined what it would be like this game if it were done in a perfect 3D

Published in the CryZENx channel on YouTube, and shown in the three initial playback of the first games of the series in an open world and gigantic created with the help of Unreal Engine 4. For the uninformed, the graphics engine was also responsible for bringing to the world the animation showing Sonic and Mario in the same 3D scheme (each in its respective game) in a more realistic universe. Even in the video, we can see that begins with a few little bursts of Charmander fire and chasing deer. It is worth remembering that the same channel had already published a sample of what it would be like Pokémon with the Unreal Engine 4
Are we too far apart to have a game like that?

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