Sunday, July 26

Cow Head

Cow Head is a horror story that can make you scared. . It is a legend that is considered the scariest horror story ever written. This is so terrible that you would die of fear after hearing there.  According to legend, a short story called "Cow Head" was discovered in Japan in the 17 century. The origin of the story is a mystery.  Several written accounts of this period that relate to this story, but they only mention this name and describe with a legend too terrible to tell.  Rumors claim that upon hearing the tale, the people who listened were taken by a fear so strong that trembled violently by one day, until finally die of fright

The history of Cow Head was considered to be too dangerous and many copies were burned the few copies that survived were cut into sections and distributed throughout the country. Today, it is believed that only have left fragments of the original story.  Most Kings of legend details remain unknown to this day. The unhappy people who read the story never lived long enough to repeat it.  A recent rumor tells the story of a teacher of an elementary school that, inexplicably, was with fragments of the original Cow Head history. According to the rumor, the professor was taking his class for a field trip. He had a habit of entertaining the students during the tour with ghost stories. The students, who tend to be indisciplináveis in long trips, notably became quiet while listening to the tales of terror. Many of them seemed really scared.
After some time, the professor announced he would tell them a forbidden tale called "Cow Head". Before he could finish the first sentence of the story, however, the children started to panic. They begged him to stop. "Don't tell us!" A child was pale and covered their ears, and the others started screaming. But the teacher refused to stop. They say their eyes turned white and he proceeded with the story as if an invisible force had controlling your

Almost an hour later, the teacher regained his senses and found that the bus had fallen into a ditch. All students had fainted and were foaming at the mouth. The bus driver was slumped over the steering wheel, sweating and shaking. It is unclear what happened next, except that the teacher never told the story again.

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